Freshwater Makers


Small range includes AQE-2, AQE-4 and AQE-6 and productions are from 67 up to 200 l/h.

Small range equipments are reliable and compact, they combine a whole range of features and they’re suitable for ships with limited space and a low demand for water. In spite of having a small size they produce top-quality freshwater with a low electrical consumption.

Medium range includes AQE-10, AQE-15 and AQE-18 and productions are from 300 up to 650 l/h.

Medium range equipments units have full- automatic working. All the assembled elements are included.

High range includes AQE-30, AQE-60/35, AQE-60 and productions are from 1000 up to 4200 l/h.

High range equipments are suitable for installations with a high demand for water by crew members or ship facilities. We manufactures compact units with open frames to make maintenance easier, having all necessary elements assembled and including more accessories. Thanks to the big number of accessories we know how the equipment works.


The Aquamar Watermakers are based on the principle that the sea water can be evaporated under a high vacuum at temperatures as low as 40ºC.

The Aquamar units are designed to use a waste heat source like the engine jacket water from main engines or auxiliary diesels.

The Aquamar Fresh Water is a compact assembly ready for installation on board. The heater and condenser are located inside the housing and separated by a demister witch prevents small salty water reach the condenser.

The distillate water vapour after their condensation is removed from the unit by the distillate pump.

The distillation plant consists on two evaporator stages made in two independent chambers.

Each chamber has a submerge tube heater at the bottom, and one condenser on the second chamber. The generated steam on the first chamber is used to warm-up the second stage heater. The condensation produced inside the heater tubes is recovered via one steam trap by the distillate water pump.

Distilling plants were designed to operate with waste heat from diesel engines jacket cooling water, any how the units can operate with other heat sources, like steam or combination of both systems. The distillate water produced is a very high quality product with salt content in distillate less than 2ppm.of NaCl.